Meet YA paranormal fiction author Su Williams…

I’d like to welcome YA paranormal fiction author Su Williams, who is touring the web with the first book in her series, Dreamweaver. For all fans of Twilight, The Mortal Instruments or simply if you enjoy fantasy, Su is a name to watch out for. You can find out more about her and her work here…

What is your first memory of reading?
Oooo, do we really have to go that far back? I remember sitting with my mother on the couch with a book splayed out on my lap. The nightly news blared on in the background—stories from Viet Nam. (**cringe** I just dated myself.) But despite the news, I remember feeling safe and warm and curious about all the little marks in front of me that made up a story.
What is your first memory of writing?
Really writing, not just making more little marks on paper with crayon. It was probably sometime in elementary school when I discovered poetry and decided to try my hand. Of course those writings were…well, elementary, but I put all my heart into loving words for my Mom and Dad and family…even my goldfish, Po Po.
Do you have a writing process? A specific place to work? Regular hours?
I know some people say there are two kinds of writers; pantsers – who write by the seat of their pants; and planners – who graph out their story before they write it. Then, I heard about a percolator, a writer that lets the story drip and filter. Personally, I would add ‘puker’. I know, that’s nasty. But it’s true. A scene for my books will come to me, inspired by some random life event and I grab any random piece of paper, and jot it down. It’s not until later that I add all the scenes together to make a story. So now we know—writers write one or a combination of four ways: Pantser, Planner, Percolator and Puker. And here’s a link to the NaNoWriMo article:
As far as where I work, my king size bed has become my desk and my room is my office. I write when I can, but at this point, I haven’t really written in months. Waaaah! All this book promo stuff is very time consuming.
What was the last book you read?
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. It’s the second book in her Lunar Chronicles series. The first book was Cinder, a cyborg take on Cinderella.
What are your plans for the future, in regards to writing? Do you have any new books in the works?
I’m about two-thirds done with the second book in the Dream Weaver series entitled Rock Star. I got to interview band members from a group called Hell’s Belles, an all-girl AC/DC tribute band. I only have a couple of scenes for the final book, Private Eye, and I’m rolling around an idea for a book called ‘What If I Don’t Have Tomorrow?’ that will be a cross between ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, ‘Christmas Carol’, ‘Quantum Leap’, and ‘Butterfly Effect’.
Can you pitch your book in a single sentence?
Dream Weaver is a young adult paranormal fiction story of mind-benders and mind-breakers.
What genre do you enjoy writing in most and why?
I like writing in young adult fiction, I think because that’s what I read. I haven’t  read too many ‘adult’ books. They just feel kinda, I don’t know, stuffy? There’s just have a feel about them I don’t like. Gosh, what does that say for me? I need to grow up? Nah, I don’t think growing up means you have to lose sight of being young. I remember the things that gave me angst or sent me to the moon when I was in high school. Some of the things I kept as my most deep dark secrets in high school are issues I had no idea would become as common as they are now. Issues like depression, suicide, and cutting never came to light then, and now they have ‘Self Harm Awareness Day.’ I like that maybe some teen will read my book and realize they aren’t alone and someone really does understand how and what they feel. And maybe another reader just needs a good love story or an escape to a different possibility.
If your book was adapted into a movie, who would be your ideal cast?
Doesn’t every author hope their book lands a movie deal? Of course, I’ve thought of who my ideal cast would be.
Emari Sweet – Haley Ramm
 Nickolas Benedetti – someone who looks like Elvis Prestley or Adam Lambert (or maybe Jackson Rathbone)
Sabre James – Matthew Gray Gubler
Zecharias Sweet (Emari’s dad) – Hugh Dillon
Jane Sweet (Emari’s mom) – Kathryn Morris
Where do you find inspiration?
Inspiration can come from anywhere. A word in movie. A sentence in a book. The smile of a friend. A necklace my daddy gave me. I find moments and objects in my life that may seem mundane on the outside, but I try to manipulate them into something compelling. One indie author wrote on a thread recently, ‘Where don’t I find inspiration?’
Who are your top three favourite authors and which of their books do you like best?
Maggie Stiefvater – “Shiver”–Beautiful & poetic
Lisa McMann – “Dead to You” (Lisa knows just where to plunge the knife and twist for good measure)
Marissa Meyer – “Cinder”– Great author and all-around sweet lady
Of course, I’m a die-hard Harry Potter fan too. Deathly Hallows rocked.
Are there any indie authors you like?
Well, of course, Sam Whitehouse. He amazes me.
Liz DeJesus is a burgeoning YA indie author.
And Angela Scott writes the BEST zombie/old west ever! Yes  zombies in the old west!
But I feature indie authors weekly on my blog. I really believe the only way any of us will succeed is to stick together. So check my blog weekly for new authors and links to purchase their books.
Thank you, Sam, for the opportunity to meet some new friends in Great Britain.
Check out the links below for more information about Su and her book. 

About Sam Whitehouse

Sam spends most of his time in a different world to other people. If it isn’t one he’s created himself, it’s one he’s reading about. In the rare moments when this isn’t the case, Sam can either be found addicted to a sci-fi or crime show, re-watching Marvel movies, finishing up an assignment for his final year of studying Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University, or trying to get the dozens of ideas for stories in his head under some kind of control. Sam has lived in the same small village in Yorkshire, surrounded by countryside on all sides ever since he could remember. His childhood saw him get into plenty of scrapes climbing trees and crossing rivers and generally believing he was Indiana Jones. Sam gives credit to his Grandad for him wanting to be a writer, and his bedtime stories for keeping Sam’s imagination stoked. But credit must also go to Steven Spielberg, J K Rowling and Stephen King, who have provided plenty of inspiration over the years, too. Sam writes what he reads, and that is pretty much anything—save romance. Fantasy, thrillers, or crime: once an idea takes root, he can’t stop until the world, characters, and plot are on paper. A huge Marvel fan, Sam one day hopes to pen a screenplay for one of their movies, or direct one, or do anything at all related to one. Until then, he’ll stick to his own fantasy worlds and wait for Marvel’s phone call.

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  1. Wow! I’ve seen other author’s interviews on my own blog but this is a first for me. Thank you Sam. I love it!

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