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Thoughts on the trailer for Seventh Son


                                                    Jeff Bridges as the Spook

I’ve long been a colossal fan of Joseph Delaney’s Wardstone Chronicles (The last apprentice in the US) and when a movie based on the first book in the series was announced i couldn’t contain my excitement. Gradually, however, details began to appear that made me somewhat nervous. The fact that the movie has a largely American cast was the first thing, seen as the book is set in Britain. Also, they warped the story to such a degree that claiming it was based on Delaney’s masterful book was entirely false. And the fact that they were casting Ben Barnes, a twenty something, as a Tom (who is a kid in the book) doubled my worries. 

Now that the trailer has been released i have mixed feelings. On the one hand, this looks like it is going to be epic, action packed fantasy (something i love) and maybe even begin a whole new franchise in the vein of Lord of the Rings. However, its such a shame they didn’t adhere to Delaney’s book which could have made for a genuinely scary, dark fantasy movie. It looks like the producers wanted to go completely over the top, just to boost box office numbers. 

I don’t know what Delaney thinks, but i imagine he’s quietly devastated at how much they have butchered his story. Yes, there are plenty of creatures and fantasy action to please me, but i can’t help but imagine how great a movie it could have been, if adapted better. I will certainly be seeing this movie, as it looks right up my street. And who knows, perhaps further installments will stick closer to Delaney’s intricately crafted series? 

See the trailer for yourself, here, and if you’ve read the books, tell me what you think.


11/22/63 by Stephen King review

I’ve long been a fan of Stephen King’s short stories, and an avid watcher of the movie/TV adaptions of his works. But until now, i have never invested myself in one of his novels. Persuaded by the rave reviews, i decided to take a chance with this book when i saw it in a second hand book shop. And am i glad i did. Right from the first chapter i was hooked. King’s prose is some of the most immediately arresting that i’ve ever read, and his ability to draw you in, to consume you is unparalleled.
I won’t go into details about the plot, suffice to say its as twisty and turny a read as you’ll likely ever encounter. Blending science fiction, drama, thriller, mystery and some action this is a book that gripped me from the first few pages. It’s also one of the most addictive books iv’e ever read. I found myself immersed in it through the day and reaching for it every morning when i woke up.
As i said, King’s prose is very readable, elegant and witty. The characters are as vividly realised as the 1950/60’s settings and though i wasn’t born in those times the nostalgia is still extraordinarily powerful.
Though this book is over 800 pages, i can honestly say i was not bored for a single one of them. The pace isn’t furious and unrelenting, but King provides enough suspense and intrigue to sustain us until the final hundred pages where everything comes together into a tense, emotional, thoroughly satisfying conclusion.
If you haven’t already, read this book.

What i’m looking forward to in 2013…

2013 is an epic year for all sorts of reasons. There are a dozen plus movies that i cannot wait to see, some awesome books being released and Murray just won Wimbledon. I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on just a few of the things i’m most anticipating this year. 

Movies and TV

The Desolation of Smaug

The one movie i have been looking forward to more than any other is the sequel to last years epic, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Ever since i learned the book was being divided into three, i was anticipating each and every installment. And now having been privy to the trailer, Desolation of Smaug has become my must see movie of this year. Not least because i want to see Smaug, but because epic fantasy adventure movies have been few and far between in recent years. And who doesn’t want to see Evangeline Lilly as an Elf? 


Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel

Man of Steel/Iron Man 3/Thor: The Dark World

I’m a huge Marvel/DC fan and these three movies are high on my ‘can’t wait to see’ list. Where many people hated Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns i really enjoyed it, and even though i’m no fan of Superman or Smallville, i am a fan of Zack Synder. Iron Man and Thor are two of my favourite Marvel movies and so the sequels inevitably are movies i’m looking forward to seeing. And the news that Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor is on board to direct, Thor 2 i expect a much more epic, gritty movie than its brilliant predecessor. 

Pacific Rim

Guillermo Del Toro is one of my top five directors, coming a close third behind Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson and beating JJ Abrams and Christopher Nolan. The Hellboy movies and Pan’s Labyrinth are masterpieces of fantasy cinema, and so Del Toro’s first foray into science fiction action is something i will definitely not be missing. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy robots battling ancient monsters must be mad. 


Robots vs Monsters: its going to be epic.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Even thought the first Percy Jackson movie butchered one of my favourite books, i still found it an enjoyable, if not groundbreaking, film. Having seen the trailer for Sea of Monsters i am decidedly more optimistic about where this movie franchise may go. It seems new director Thor Freudenthal has stuck a lot closer to the book, and will be offering us every creature from Greek mythology to boot. With less than a month to go until this is released, we’ll soon see what the future holds for Percy Jackson. Could this be the series to replace Potter?

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I enjoyed the second book in Suzanne Collin’s ridiculously successful series immensely and so the sequel to the awesome Hunger Games movie is another film i’m highly anticipating.  With a new director and a whole host of famous faces, i can’t imagine this being anything but brilliant.

There are plenty of other movies i could talk about here (not least Star Trek Into Darkness, which i have not yet seen, but have already pre-ordered on DVD), but i’m sure nobody wants to read a post that is a dozen pages long so i’ll move onto TV.

Game of Thrones season 3

Not having Sky i’m one of those who has to wait for the DVD’s to be released and so where almost everyone else has probably already seen half of season 3 i am still awaiting the release of the boxset. With season 2 delivering more thrills, action, epic-ness and awesomeness i have had season 3 pre-ordered ever since it became available on Amazon. 

Walking Dead season 3/4

The Walking Dead has fast become one of my all time favourite shows and even though i’m only a couple of episodes into season 3 i  think this show just goes from strength to strength.

Other shows i have to wait for on DVD, and have had pre-ordered for a long time are:

– Elementary

– Grimm Season 2


I need the Season 3 DVD now!

– Mentalist Season 5

– Castle Season 5


















I won’t even bother to attempt to list every book i’m looking forward to in 2013, there are simply too many. But two i’m itching to read are House of Hades by Rick Riordan and the thirteenth book in Joseph Delaney’s Wardstone Chronicles (the first of which is soon to be adapted into a movie titled the Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore). 

Final thoughts…

I could go and on and on about the things 2013 has to offer, but this post would end up being a novel. What are you looking forward to this year? 


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