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Writing what you know…

For the past year or so, almost two now, I’ve veered away from my usually category of writing, fantasy, and written solely science fiction. I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi, both in movies and reading, but i’d never really turned my hand to writing any myself. But given the recent influx of fantasy both in the movie and book world, i decided it was time i gave it a shot. I started two series, both YA, both relatively light sci-fi (i’m not yet ready for a full blown, space set novel and don’t think i ever will be). I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy writing them. In fact, it was pretty fun. It gave me the opportunity to write some exciting action sequences and play around with some ideas and situations that fantasy doesn’t allow. But after nearly two years of writing and editing sci-fi, and of reading sci-fi/dystopia/ and a lot of Lee Child (not sci-fi but cool beyond words) i missed fantasy. I’d had an idea for a series burning in the back of my head for a long time, and knew it would be a long commitment. A couple months back i had a sudden urge to get it down, to write about the world and the characters i’d been building in my head. And i did start writing. And since that day two months ago, i haven’t stopped. Getting back to fantasy felt like slipping into something familiar and welcoming. Like greeting an old friend after years apart. I know writing is all about trying new things, pushing yourself, but fantasy is where i belong. The first book in what i hope (and what i’ve planned extensively for) will be a series of at least three, is nearing completion of it’s first draft. After some hard editing, and hopefully beta reading, i’ll start querying agents and publishers with it.
If you write a specific genre, why do you, what makes it special out of the many?

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