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Reaction to Avengers Age of Ultron trailer

I’m a huge Marvel fan. Avengers Assemble is in my top five movies of all time. And so when it was announced, days after Assemble was released in cinemas that we were guaranteed a sequel, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the trailer for that sequel. And yesterday it was unveiled. And it was epic. Whedon was always going to have a hard– impossible– task of living up to the colossal heights he delivered with Assemble. But from what we saw in the trailer, it looks like he’s pulled it off. Sidelining Loki, this move introduces Ultron as the villain, a digital creation voiced by James Spader. I was a little skeptical that an entirely CGI villain wouldn’t be as threatening as Loki managed. But Spader’s voice work, and his motion capture are creepy and spine-tingling. The use of the ‘got no strings’ song throughout the trailer ensured i had goosebumps for the entire two and a half minutes, and the ensuing hours. With all the usual suspects back on board, and some new faces in the form of brother/sister team Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, this looks set to be a bigger, badder and considerably more epic (considering the multiple locations shown in the trailer) than it’s predecessor.
I’ve heard rumors that the third Avengers movie will be dispatching with some of the main gang. I hope that’s not true. From what i can see, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And the Avengers series works fine as it is.
May 2015 can’t come soon enough.
It’d be great to hear what other people thought, so feel free to comment below on your own reaction to the trailer.

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