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Keep on writing…

I’ve been looking for a literary agent for the best part of a year now. And it certainly isn’t easy. The first novel i queried was a YA science fiction. And… i received plenty of rejections. I didn’t know why until i looked back at the story and realised how similar it was to a lot of other books on the market. I’ll admit that. When i started writing it, i hadn’t anticipated dozens of other authors and books beating me to the punch. But they did, and so i gave up querying the sci-fi novel. It disheartened me a little, but i kept on writing. I started a middle grade novel, developing it from a short story that i’d written for University. This is the novel i’m currently in the early stages of querying. I’ve had a couple of partial requests, some rejections, but it’s early days and i’m hopeful. But i haven’t stopped writing. I didn’t let myself fall in to a rut waiting to hear back from agents. I’m currently working on two projects. Editing a YA action thriller and writing a new, stand alone middle grade novel. For a couple weeks after i got nothing but rejections for my sci-fi novel, i didn’t know what to do. But i read plenty of posts and blogs about agent hunting and understood that it takes time. I didn’t let it get the better of me and pressed on with writing. I wanted to keep at it, and that’s important. Not to get so bogged down with querying agents that you put writing second. Because the only way i’m going to achieve my goal is to keep writing until i get the right story, characters and world that catch an agents eye… hopefully.
The intention of this post is to remind people who are in the same boat as me, looking for a literary agent, that the most important part of a writer’s life is writing itself. Don’t let disappointment get the better of you, keep on writing. Because, in the end, writing is how we’re going to land an agent.


Books that will survive

Sam Whitehouse

There are hundred of millions of books in the world. In fact, according to Google (who actually counted them) there are 129,864,880 books in the world. That is a lot of books. More than anyone could read in many life times. But which of these books will actually survive? By survive i mean which books will stand the test of time and be remembered a hundred, two hundred years from now. There are the obvious ones that have already survived for decades: The Lord of the Rings, almost everything by Charles Dickens. But which recent books (the past decade or so) will come to be regarded as classics? Which books will still be read and in print for the foreseeable future? 

It’s a tough question. But I’ve selected a few books that i think will survive. They are from the genres i read, so if you have any suggestions please feel…

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