What to look forward to in 2015 (the rest of it anyway)

2015 is a big year in all aspects. I’m graduating from Uni, I achieved one of my goals and signed with a literary agent, and this year is also packed with some great movies, TV shows and books. A few of the things I’m looking forward to in the coming months are included here.


Jurassic World (June 2015)

giphy (7)

Jurassic Park is my favourite move of all time. Will probably hold that spot for the rest of my life. And since 2001 (hard to believe it’s 14 years) when Jurassic Park 3 came out, I’ve been waiting for the fourth entry in the dino franchise. Now it’s here—nearly here. I was disappointed to hear none of the original cast would be back, but Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are two great actors and Spielberg is serving as producer so hopefully things should turn out great. Though I doubt it’ll match the original, Jurassic World’s trailer promises epic things. I hope that turns out to be true.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (April 2015)


Joss Whedon made arguably one of the best superhero movies of all time with The Avengers. Topping it was always going to be nigh on impossible. But from the awesome trailers. Age of Ultron looks like it’s going to deliver the goods. The Marvel formula may be becoming a little be too familiar, but when it’s this action-packed, it’s hard to care.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (December 2015)

giphy (9)

I’m not a big Star Wars fan. I haven’t seen any of the originals, have only seen Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith in terms of the prequel trilogy. But I’m a big fan of JJ Abrams and the Star Trek reboots, and from the recent teaser trailer, The Force Awakens looks like it’s going to be epic. This movie should please fans and bring in a whole new generation of new ones. The shot of the hooded figure staggering through the woods, the light-sabre with the cross-piece flickering to life gave me chills, so I’ll definitely be checking The Force Awakens when it hits screens in December.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (November 2015)

I’m a big fan of the Hunger Games movies and books. The first move and Catching Fire were action-packed and very good adaptions of the books. Mockingjay part 1 felt like filler, and while it was entertaining, it should have been a single movie. Despite that, Part 2 has saved most of the action from the book and it should be an explosive and epic finale for the series. Though finale may not be correct, because Lionsgate are rumoured to be looking into ways to remain in the Hunger Games universe for more movies.

Spectre (October 2015)

Skyfall was one of the best Bond movies of all time, and Craig is growing on me as Bond. I grew up with Pierce Bronsnan and his movies will always be my favourite, but Craig’s always deliver plenty of action, stunning Bond girls and gripping stories. And the secrecy around Spectre and recent location footage promise great things for the death-cheating agent’s 24th outing.

Mission: Impossible 5 (July 2015)

Ghost Protocol, the fourth movie in the M:I series was definitely the best of the lot, and delivered some epic set pieces. So Ethan Hunt and co’s latest has a lot of work to do to top its predecessor. Hopefully we’ll get plenty of action, and more crazy stunts from Cruise when the action hits in July.

Crimson Peak, Fantastic Four and Ant-Man are three others to look out for this year. I have mixed feeling about Ant-Man, but Del Toro’s films are always great so Crimson Peak looks set it be scary and brilliant. Fantastic Four’s trailer could’ve done with a little humour—it looked too serious—but that too looks pretty promising.


Games of Thrones season 5

If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones, do, even if you’re not a fantasy fan, even if you haven’t read the books. Thrones delivers on every level. Each episode is movie-quality. Season 5 should be just as epic, if not more so than every season before it. Unfortunately, Thrones is something I have to wait for the DVD, because I’m tight and don’t want to pay for Sky.

Agents of Shield Season 2 Part 2

I don’t know why TV networks split TV shows in half, but they do, and we have to wait months between halves of a season. And when it’s as good as Marvel’s Agents of Shield’s much improved second season, it’s a hard wait. Season 1 got awesome in the last few episodes of the first season, and the second had built and built on that. With more ties to the Marvel movie universe, this series should live for years to come.

CSI: Cyber

Another CSI spin off? Count me in. I’m not a fan of Horatio-let-me-take-my-shades-off-and-turn-my-head-at-a-weird-angle and CSI Miami, but Mac and the gang in New York City always delivered cases as gripping as the original CSI. And with the original still going strong—though not as strong as when Grissom or Langston were at the helm—CSI Cyber could be a worthy addition to the CSI universe. Based on the pilot, things look good.

Supernatural season 10

Not many shows can last 10 seasons (eleven now with the recent news of a renewal) and not just stay strong, but get stronger. But Supernatural pulls it off with ease. Sam and Dean are like old buddies, and each episode always delivers plenty of action, pace and scares. Like Game of Thrones, I have to wait for this on DVD, but it’s always worth the wait. As Dean would say, “Awesome!”

Castle and Elementary round off the list off shows coming back for another season that I’m looking forward to, and Wayward Pines is one of the new shows I’m really looking forward to—but will probably have to wait for on DVD. A show produced, written and directed by M Night Shyamalan, director of the Sixth Sense, Signs and Unbreakable. How could this be anything but awesome?


Half a War by Joe Abercrombie

This goes straight to the top of the list because the first two books in the YA high fantasy trilogy were epic, un-put-downable and two of the best books I’ve ever read. The third book has a lot to live up to, and hopefully, no-doubt, Abercrombie will deliver.

Finders Keepers by Stephen King

Mr. Mercedes was Stephen King’s first real, hard crime novel, and he pulled it off like he’d been writing them for years. Mr. Mercedes was gripping, creepy and fast-paced. Hopefully the sequel will deliver on everything its predecessor will.

The last Star (5th Wave) by Rick Yancey

The first two books in Rick Yancey’s sci-fi trilogy weren’t always perfect, but they both delivered plenty of action, pace and sharp writing. The third and final book in the series has the monumental task of tying up everything from the first two books, and expanding on the huge plot twist Yancey pulled in book 2, The Infinite Sea.

Make Me by Lee Child

giphy (10)

Reacher’s back in September with his 20th adventure, and Child can always be relied on to deliver, action, wit, pace and solid writing. If you haven’t started this series, or have only read one or two, I urge you to start from the beginning. The Reacher series has some of the best books ever written and Child is a great writer.

There are dozens more books, too many to list here, being released in 2015.

Drop a comment below with the stuff you’re looking forward to, or the stuff you’re not. 


About Sam Whitehouse

Sam spends most of his time in a different world to other people. If it isn’t one he’s created himself, it’s one he’s reading about. In the rare moments when this isn’t the case, Sam can either be found addicted to a sci-fi or crime show, re-watching Marvel movies, finishing up an assignment for his final year of studying Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University, or trying to get the dozens of ideas for stories in his head under some kind of control. Sam has lived in the same small village in Yorkshire, surrounded by countryside on all sides ever since he could remember. His childhood saw him get into plenty of scrapes climbing trees and crossing rivers and generally believing he was Indiana Jones. Sam gives credit to his Grandad for him wanting to be a writer, and his bedtime stories for keeping Sam’s imagination stoked. But credit must also go to Steven Spielberg, J K Rowling and Stephen King, who have provided plenty of inspiration over the years, too. Sam writes what he reads, and that is pretty much anything—save romance. Fantasy, thrillers, or crime: once an idea takes root, he can’t stop until the world, characters, and plot are on paper. A huge Marvel fan, Sam one day hopes to pen a screenplay for one of their movies, or direct one, or do anything at all related to one. Until then, he’ll stick to his own fantasy worlds and wait for Marvel’s phone call.

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