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Where do our ideas come from?

This is perhaps the one question we hear that writers/authors hate getting asked the most. But if you think about it, its a perfectly legitimate question. After all, isn’t it only natural that readers would be curious where writers get all these crazy, unique, exciting ideas from? Take, the Gone books, by Michael Grant – only someone with a wild and boundless imagination could think up a story that involves anyone over the age of 15 suddenly vanishes? Or, James Dashner’s Maze Runner trilogy in which children are made to live in mazes. There really are some crazy, unique books out there and i for one think it’s only natural to be curious where the ideas for these books came from. 

So where do they come from? J K Rowling answers that the idea for Harry Potter simply strolled into her head on a train journey, others writers use memories as inspiration or they simply see an object an it sparks an idea. If i were asked this question i wouldn’t really be able to give a definite answer. Sometimes, it can be a landscape that gets my cogs working or a piece of music. Often, an idea has just sprang into my head as if it always existed and has now decided to present itself. For Prophecy of Three the Keys of Time, though, was more of a conscious process. I wanted to write about Arthurian legend but didn’t want to set it in the past, i also wanted to write about a huge war and so, putting these things together i decided to set it in the modern world. From there the ideas just seemed to build themselves until i had a plot line worked out for all four books. 

So, where do your ideas for stories come from? Is it from your dreams, your past, the world around you? Feel free to comment below. 

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